The Story

About the brand…

The Little Tailor brand was created back in 2013.  We wrote this before launch, and it still holds true to our beliefs today.


Give them a stick, they have a sword, give them a tea towel they have a cape.  We believe childhood is about having fun and creating memories.  Our clothing is made for comfort, style, and growing little bodies.  We aim to create heirloom pieces which we would hope to be passed down to siblings and friends alike. 

About the people…

We are Kate Bale and Jane Dawes, two working mums working from our own homes in Cheshire, UK.  We met over 20 years ago (that makes us feel old!) when we worked in the baby wear buying at Matalan, where we were lucky enough to travel the world doing what we loved, buying baby wear.  

In 2013 we realised the buying world; encompassing a lot of international travel and busy corporate schedules would be challenging with our new young family life of school pickups, attending sports days, school plays all things we wanted to do in the new chapter in our lives.  To do both did not seem compatible, but we were not ready to give us our creative passion, our love for products and our natural hard-working personalities so we created The Little Tailor.  The first few years were really tough, but we can now balance the running of our business with the running of our families - busy but fulfilling lives.  Thank you for your interest in our little brand and making it all possible.  

Kate and Jane x